Start up slow

One of the most common slow computer problems is that some machines take forever to start up. I know people who start up their computer and than walk away and make some coffee.

Computer to Slow at Start Up

What has happened is that whenever you load some new program or piece of software it loads something into your start up program. So even though you might not be using all your different programs the computer will still load all small parts of the programs into its memory when you boot up the machine.

If you know there are some programs that you never use delete them. Plus make sure that you remove all parts of the programs.

Some programs have the option to not load during start up. Look at your programs options or preferences section to see if you can deselect something that would prevent the program from loading at start up.

Also depending on what security software you are running that might also be part of the slow computer speed at start up. What the software is doing is reading all the programs that are loading and making sure that they are safe. Now that might sound like a great thing but please note that your start up speed might be suffering due to your security set up. Being able to safely surf on the net might be slowing down your computer at start up but at least you are safe!

Note that if you do not have some security software installed having a slow computer at start up is the first sign that you should. Some malware/spyware might be loading up ever time you start your machine. These programs often load in the background and stay open all the time working in the background which slows down everything that you do on the computer.