Registry fix

One of the most common slow running computer problems is related to your computer registry. While Apple Mac users of the world might not be worried about this particular issue anyone running the more popular Microsoft Windows (all the following versions Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP, and 2000) should be concerned about this problem.

Slow running computer and registry fix

Your Microsoft machine registry acts like a huge database that stores all sorts of information about your computer and its programs. The registry contains info about settings and options for your version of Windows.

It also contains the setting and options for all the programs loaded onto your machine. If you have more than one user on your PC the users preferences are also included in the registry.

So you can see that with all this information being stored into one place while you are looking for problems. What happens is that sometimes minor errors occur and they cause slow downs in your systems performance.

Registry problems are common and because of this there are several different registry cleaner/tweakers products that you can use to help solve this issue. One important thing is to back up your important files before you run one of these programs to solve your slow running computer issue. Most commercial products are fine but its best to back up in case something outside of the ordinary occurs when you are running the software.