Memory problems

Many slow computer issues are related to the way your computer is accessing the systems memory. We cover the issues related to hard drive memory in a different section of the website.

What we are dealing with here is the RAM – Random Access Memory – that your computer uses to operate. Without enough RAM you will have a slow running computer guaranteed. But the big question is how much do you need for your system to avoid any problems.

Slow computer speed and RAM memory

The way that your computer works could be explained with the following scenario. Your programs and files sit in drawer. When you access those programs and files you take those files out of the drawer and put them on your desk. Your desk area is limited and so is your computer RAM. Same scenario is that you’ve likely improved your skills over the years so you want to work on bigger projects so you need to take more material out of the drawer. You might need a bigger desk. The same thing applies to RAM and your computer. Your computer RAM is your desk space.

As you gain more computer skills you likely have more programs open at one time. A good example would be photos. You could be uploading files to some website, designing a poster for your kids and using some sort of photo software at the same time. if you did not figure on having so many programs open at once these types of scenarios would cause slow computer speed.

If your machine is several years old and you have updated your software frequently it might be time to add some more RAM. Most updates of programs increase your RAM requirements since new features are added and the programs just keep getting bigger.

So how much is enough? If you are going to be upgrading its better to plan for the future and save yourself from these types of issues in the future. Having 1GB of RAM would be a good number based on most current applications.