Internet speed

If your computer is running slow when its connected to the internet you should examine your internet connection speed. Often your internet provider is not delivering the proper internet connection speed. There are several steps you should take to make sure that your slow computer problems are being caused by a bad internet connection.

Slow running computer and internet connections

The first thing you should determine is what internet speed you should be receiving from your internet provider. While speeds being advertised are often very high your actually speed at home will likely be lower. You can contact your internet provider to get an exact speed based on your location.

With DSL connections the distance away from the junction box can cause slow downs. One example is our own internet connection, we are not able to subscribe to super fast DSL connection because we are to far away from the connection. Also with cable ISP services you can be slowed down by the number of connections in your area. You would likely see slow downs in the evening when more users are online if you have many cable internet customers in your area. That might not be something that the cable company would like to talk about in their sales material.

Once you know what speed you should be getting you should make sure all your own in home connections are not causing your slow computer speed. You also clear your internet browser cache file which may help speed up your online speed.

Now its time to examine your actually connection speed. There are several very good internet connection testing websites that are free to use. You can use these sites to test your connection speed. You should do the tests over several days and at different times if that is possible. You could than determine if your slow running computer internet speed happens at certain times.

Two sites to use to review your connection speeds are;