Shocking but true users annoyed by slow computer

A new survey came out that said that over 25 per cent of the 1000 people surveyed found that having slow computer problems was there biggest problem when it came to various computer issues. A hope the folks over at who commissioned the study did not spend to much money to figure out that result.

One thing that was interesting i that although people might be experiencing slow running computer problems the average age of machine was over 4 years. Now based on actually experiences at the old home office I know that no matter how much ram and storage place you might add at some point a four year old machine might reach it past due date. Apparently some people have a strong emotional attachment to their computers which might make them stop replacing them even though its time to move on from an obvious bad “relationship”. Now it might have been the wording of the survey, since it was designed by a computer memory company, put about half the people thought that a computer memory upgrade would solve their slow running computer problems.

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