Idaho DMV also hit by state wide slow computer problems

Another day and another DMV hit by slow running computer issues. But the problem experienced by Idaho DMV users had nothing to due with date changes it was just another overheated computer problem.

Much like your home machine if your fan breaksdown your machine is going to overheat and start acting weird.

Well the central computer for the Idaho Transportation Department which is used by the Department of Motor Vehicles had some serious overheating issues on Monday. An air compressor that helped control a system that allowed water to flow through the piping that cooled the central computer room stopped working. No water flow means the room heated up and the computer system shutdown.

Because the computer system is used throughout the state everyone in Idaho who needed to get paperwork from the DMV was unable to get anything done. The whole episode is a reminder to folks to make sure that they keep their home computer fan clean so their own system does not experience overheating and folks wonder why is my computer so slow. Some basic cleaning around the fan vents can avoid the problem.

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