Hard Drive fix

One of the most common problems that will slow down any computer is hard drive related issues. But the best thing is that you can quickly run a few tests and problems to solve these types of issues.

Confused Hard Drive equals Slow Computer speed

Your slow running computer might be quickly fixed by defragmenting your hard drive. No that does not mean you have to take your machine apart. What happens is that your computer writes information to your hard drive. It does so by finding open spaces on the drive. It may not actually write all the information in one straight line so to speak. It may spread programs or information out on different parts of the hard drive. If you defragment your hard drive the software puts everything back into a smooth order so it can access the information faster. This is very helpful in older slow computers that had many files deleted and new one installed. Note that running a defrag program could take several hours if your machine has been used for a long period of time. You will not be able to access your machine when the program is running. But the speed increase is worth the time.

Your hard drive could also be corrupted which actually sounds pretty bad but a more basic way of explaining the problem is that its very confused. For whatever reason part of your hard drive may not be working correctly.

Both the corrupted drive and defragmented drive problems can be solved by running some well established software programs. Some are featured in the ads on this website.

Computer to Slow – Free up space

Also you should determine if your hard drive is to full. You should never try to run your computer with a completely full hard drive. You should always have some free space to help your computer run properly. Having 200-500MB of free hard drive space can help prevent some slow running computer issues because the way that your machine accesses the data it needs some free disk space.

You can examine some of the programs on your computer to determine if you are still using them. Sometimes its easy to free up space by removing programs that you no longer use. You can run some software that examines all the programs that are sitting on your hard drive. Creating more disk space might solve some of your slow computer speed issues.