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Welcome to the world of slow computer problems. You have likely found our website because your computer is running slow. Do not worry its not about you it is all about your machine! Hopefully you will find the information on our website helpful in your quest to solve your slow running computer.

Why is my computer so slow ?

Well we have different section/pages on the website that provide a basic overview of the most common problems that cause slow computer speed. Most of the material is geared towards the Microsoft operating system user. Well if you are a Linux user I’m not even sure why you found this website. I thought Linux was the answer to ever computer users worries!

The Mac folks please take note about defragmenting your hard drive and having enough RAM. Often Mac users start loading up all that fancy photo editing software (plus web browsers, email programs etc.) and you wonder why my computer is running slow. All those programs need RAM and our page about Random Access memory will explain why your computer is slow when you have ten programs open at once.

Computer Running Slow help

In most cases you should be looking at running some sort of program that will analyze your system and help you determine what potential problems are causing your slow computer speed. One of the most obvious issues are spyware and viruses. Even if your speed is not being affected by these issues you should have some sort of program installed on your machine. If you ever download software from the internet its a must have install on your machine. Our page on virus problems goes into more details.

Also some regular maintenance can easily solve slow computer speed. Deleting unused files and programs can help. As noted even the Mac users along with Windows users would benefit from deframenting your hard drive. Its an easy fix that does not require any hardware upgrades which avoids trips to your computer dealers.

So please check out the various sections of our website. Hopefully we can help your solve your slow running computer problem. Thanks from the folks at